B&F Industry class

What is B&F?

B&F is the in-house agency , management and booking company, that has their office in the CDS studio building.

B&F is shorts for Bjerkensjoe & From – Josefin Bjerkensjoe Owner, Founder & creative director of Copenhagen dance space & Didde Mie From teacher, choreographer and creative director at Copenhagen dance space.

In 2019 they founded B&F the agency, booking and production company to be able to book jobs for dancers, create large productions and offer the only danish agency that helps dancers in their professional work.


Our monday class

Mondays BBF is industry night, where dancers will meet the owners, agents and be able to get scouted for work or closed programs that offers intensive training to get ready to work as a professional guided by the 3 owners Ida, Didde & Josefin.

With BBF Josefin is the manager of the main working dancers, Didde is The agent for all BBF dancers and the main choreographer & Ida is the visionary together with Josefin on creating unique and original theater productions.

Monday night training is only for advanced dancers , wanting to work and is ready for a huge push.

Didde Mie from