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"The talent of the CDS students always seem to amaze me. The sky is the limit for these unique and beautiful talents."

Ricky Jinks
CDS Faculty














Brian Friedman is one of the most recognized choreographers of our time with a resumé that speaks volumes. He started his own dance school in the age of 16, and since choreographed some of the most popular music videos such as "Slave 4 U" & "Toxic", by Britney Spears and "The One", by Prince.
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Mikkel Willadsen

CDs #6

“The year at Copenhagen Dance Education was indescribable. It is a year of deepening and intensive training. There is no day that is the same that makes you constantly learn something new. It is intensive training hours where you dance and personally are out of your comfort zone, but where you also get to learn a lot about dance and yourself. You learn a lot of ways to move, which characterize and open up your own movement pattern.

The program has a huge number of domestic and foreign teachers as well as choreographers. They help push, develop and see you as an individual. They also form a bond with us students, which makes it cool and comfortable. They help to move you towards your goals. Physically, mentally and mentally, the education is tightly knit together and gives students a strong insight into what the dance industry is all about. Both within the commercial and theater / performance areas.
There is a lot of touch in staging, the commercial, the dance industry, mock auditions, student feedback, etc. Which allows you to be equipped and dressed for different opportunities – from there it is up to you what you want and take the step and fight on.

Not only a lot of dance and cool choreographies are taught in education, there is also a lot of mentality and personality being developed. I learned a lot about myself, personally, at the same time I also found myself more and more as a dancer. That’s the unique thing about CDE. One must be able to “look good” as a group, but one must also “look good” as an individual!

I would definitely recommend Copenhagen Dance Education at CDS if you want to become a skilled, strong and professional dancer. It is a unique and fantastic education, where you learn extremely much in many areas. So, if you want to get a year of a lot of variety and develop your dance into something professional, take CDE!”

Monica De Biase

CDs #1

“My year at CDE was fantastic! We received lessons from some of the most high-profile educators from home and abroad. It was the year I grew both as a dancer, but also as a person. It is incredibly rewarding to be surrounded by people who supports you who believe in your development and who share the same passion with yourself. CDS will always be my second home.”

Amalie Feyling

CDs #9

“One of the reasons I chose CDE was the feeling of the high level of push and the high quality of teachers they fly in. That is why I felt that the education at CDS would be perfect for me. I really love the combination of physical training, dance classes, and techniques. You get really fit, but you also learn so much about your body and how to move it, so your dancing will improve like crazy. The education is also very international which made it very safe for me coming from Norway since many of the teachers speak English and the teaching is in English and CDE also offers amazing accommodation options for international students. You also get very close with the staff and the owner Josefin, since they pay so much attention to us both mentally and physically. So that is something I’ve really appreciated going here. So if you are sitting at home and you are an international student and you are in doubt about CDE I am here telling you that this is something you need to do. They take so good care of you and they fly in the best teachers in the industry to push you in the best way possible. So I will continue to live in Copenhagen and dance at Copenhagen Dance Studio after my education so I don’t miss a thing and continue to learn.”

Nikoline Adler

CDs #5

“My year at CDE # 5 was full of diversity – in both compositions of the group and I with a creative work on dance. We were a very mixed group, which I made to dance with and get inspired by We learn everything researchers can give me if you give each other room for spiers, have respect, patience and opening up through processes, although challenging.
On the train there is with one year effect, when together with the end something becomes very much – especially cut it in line with the work on the closing show, something was and indispensable highlight of the education.
Personally, the man at the CDE program has great potential to develop both sitting expressions in dance, sin as well, sin stage experience, vision creative expression as well as step development and high level critics in themselves. Prejudice exists to break down, as does dance to enjoy and be inspired by – on the CDE screen in a learning, hard and creative process! “

Frederik Bauner

CDs #7

“I got so much out of my year at CDE.
What you get out of it is that you are both trained technically, choreo life, freestyle, piece training, etc. That means when you finish your education you are a dancer who can do many more things because you have been trained in its entirety. CDE was also where I found myself as a dancer, who I was and what I wanted with the dance. So can highly recommended starting on CDE if you want something with your dance. Will I 100% take CDE.

Another thing you get at CDE is that you have the best teachers from DK and abroad and you get a close relationship with them. That way, they can more easily help and develop you and what you need to work on.

I can only say that if you have to take a dance education, you have to take CDE.”

Magnus Kofoed

CDs #8

“Copenhagen Dance Education was a really rewarding year for me.

I got to know myself a lot more in so many ways, even though I already had a performance / or a plan of how I was as a dancer before I graduated. This year has pushed me to get to know myself better than I thought I would.

If you choose to take Copenhagen Dance Education, you must be prepared to know everything you cannot find out. It is an education that tests one’s mind in so many different ways every single day. That test applies to all styles – whether it’s a style you master or a style you have a lot to learn from. You have to be prepared for the test of the mindset from the start, but at the same time you have to keep in mind that this is the way you develop best.

You spend a whole year together with those who take the education with which you see each other’s development and see how people grow in their own way – I personally felt it was cool to follow. Everyone on the program starts from scratch and everyone has their own individual goals to work hard at – no matter the level.

I definitely recommend taking CDE. You get so much thrown in your head every day, and although it will also be the toughest year with so many questions and so much sweat, you will go from there with a much greater knowledge of who you are as a dancer and at the same time what your values ​​are. I took CDE # 8 years 19/20 and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Huge recommendation from here.”