This is our evening school classes for year 22' - 23'















This schedule is for both CDS classes and BFF classes.

CDS & BBF Schedule
2022 / 2023

Our CDS classes is normal classes without any productions or photoshoots where our BBF classes are dance classes provided by our in house agency & management, that also produces shows, theater productions, music videos, photoshoots and other content. We represent talents to help them book jobs and work in the danish industry as well as London & Los Angeles. Josefin Canfield & Didde Mie From is the agents and managers.

* Unlimited of these CDS classes for DKK 20.000,- // € 2,700,-


17.00 - 18.30

Snakker For Meget
Pop Commercial (BBF Class)
DKK 6.000,- // € 815,-

18.30 - 20.00

BjerkensjöeBreinholt&From (BBF Class)
DKK 6.000,- // € 815,-

20.00 - 21.45

Josefin & Didde Handpicked - TAL1T (BBF Class)
DKK 8.000,- // € 1,100,-


17.00 - 18.30

Creative Fusion (CDS Class)
DKK 6.000,- // € 815,-

18.30 - 20.30

Ida Vibe Visions (CDS Class)
DKK 8.000,- //€ 1,100,-

20.30 - 22.00

Beginners Class (CDS Class)
DKK 6.000,- //€ 815,-


17.00 - 18.30

BBF Corporate Class (BBF Class)
DKK 4.000,- // € 555,-

18.30 - 20.00

Open Class (CDS Class)
DKK 2.000,- // € 300,-

20.00 - 21.45

Ladies Night (CDS Class)
DKK 6.000,- // € 815,-


16.30 - 18.30

Generation 4 (BBF Class)
DKK 15.000,- // € 2,050,-

18.30 - 20.00

Hip Hop Class (CDS Class)
DKK 6.000,- // € 815,-

20.00 - 21.30

Thursday Night (CDS Class)
DKK 6.000,- // € 815,-

Both Hip Hop & Thursday Night
DKK 7.500,- // €1,010,-


16.30 - 18.00

Hip Hop Teen Company (CDS Class)
DKK 9.500,- // € 1,280,-


14.30 - 16.00

Teens Hip Hop Commercial (CDS Class)
DKK 7.000,- // € 955,-

16.00 - 17.30

VIP - Exclusively Invited (CDS Class)
DKK 15.000,- // € 2,050,-

17.30 - 19.30

DKK 8.000,- // € 1,100,-

DKK 13.000,- // €1,750,-

Read about all of our classes in Copenhagen here

CDS & BBF #DK Classes
For Season 2022 / 2023

This class is taught by Dancers & choreographers for Tessa. (danish artist)
The class will be fun, vibrant and has the main focus to teach the dancers how to ad quality and personality info stage choreography movement , fit for music in same genre as Tessa songs.

All can join , this class will be beyond amazing.

BjerkensjoeBreinholt&From is our in house agency & management, that also produces all shows, theater productions, music videos and other content.

We represent talent to help them book jobs and work in the danish industry as well as London & Los Angeles. 
Josefin Canfield & Didde Mie From is the agents and managers. 
This monday class is for all signed dancers or the ones that wish to be signed, this class is mandatory to join if you are in BBF as an exclusive dancer.
The focus is to create a strong sense of group feeling within the agency, to help push each other as well as yourself. 

Josefin & DIDDE Monday night handpicked program!!!

Only for the ones that’s okay with being mentally, physically and personally pushed beyond imagination.

This program is only for invited + advanced dancers and it’s only for the ones with true potential of working all jobs , commercially, creatively & visually.
A huge focus on the strength we all have, the actual body and it’s potential of all its physic.
The many ways of moving, understanding your own brand and creating the ultimate dancers that understands all aspects.

Josefin & Didde will be the # 1 mentors and coaches, they will feedback you, prepare you, coach you, tell you the honest truth and create the strongest dancer of you if you are ready for a Monday night mindfuck of 2022/2023 –
This class is levels up from anything.

Get ready to train like never before!!!!

This class is for the dancers that took all the classes that they felt pushed in through the years and needs something different.!

Creative fusion class is the weekly class to dance it out, dig into your personal way of moving and the more technical based sessions.

This class has as any other class at Copenhagen Dance Space weekly changing teachers, and the styles can variate from improve, contemporary choreography, partnering and experimental.

Ida Vibe Breinholt is one of the creative directors of BjerkensjoeBreinholt&From and with this class you will as the only program at the studio ONLY have training, choreography and creative sessions with Ida Vibe. Ida will create content, productions and work on many projects with her program dancers.

This class is literally for everyone that wants to move and execute steps on a beginner level in a save space with experienced teachers.

The class goes through many styles to give the class a changing vibe and energy and also give the student a chance to explore the different ways of moving. Every week is a new choreography and new teacher, but all same focus.

THIS CONCEPT is only for invited and the absolute focus is to get the spiring dancers that’s ALMOST there to go all the way. The push of your life time in a class where the setting is made to get the dancer ready for any possible situation and perfect their craft and understand all aspects of the different commercial genres needed to work professional.

This class requires application and all dancers will be trained by the bookers and influencers of the agency.


Every Wednesday we give you a open class for dancers that cant commit to a full year or the dancers that just want to ad a fun class during their week. The class will always be focused on giving room for everyone and all that loves a fun training session.

For this class it variates who teaches it and what style, teachers will be posted on the Company IG.

Buy drop in weekly for 350 DKKR or 10 class card for 2000 DKKR.

Ladies Night is our weekly heels class for all that wants to be strong in their heels, know the right technique and learn how to perform in heels.

This is our fifth season of ladies night , always Wednesday evening and always taught be the best within the field, teachers such as Didde Mie From, Christin Olesen, Andye J, Sharon June, Robyn Laude, Mille Lund, Malou Linders and many more.

The first part of the class is walks and understanding the right technique, the other half is choreography based and performance focus.

We have molded advanced dancers since 2011 and help them become professional dancers.
Generation 1 is Sophie Zapp & Didde Mie.

Generation 2 is Mille Lund & Ida Vibe.

Generation 3 is Rosalina Holmgaard & Emma Rask.

The next generation is Generation 4 and for that we’ve created a concept for the upcoming talent ready to work hard to become the next generation of working dancers.

This is the hip hop class for all that wants to understand grooves, foundations and flavor. Always starts with a session of learning the movement and then choreography to use that movement. This is the HYPE class – high energi class for sure..

This class has existed since the first season of Copenhagen Dance Space 2011, Thursday night is masterclass energy.

Fast paced classes, with hard choreography and high technical level.

Style is hip hop, commercial & creative experimental.

This class is for the student that wants the Los Angeles vibe in a class and the full class high energy.

These classes will be filmed for students to get footage for IG.

The new talent of the new generation needs a space to get trained by the absolute best. This is that company and it will be high energy and amazing training.

Teens are between 13 – 16 years old and have a level where they are used to receive choreography and learn it, but need some extra pointers on how to execute and move.

Teen company is the place to learn and get pushed to the next levels of your dancing.

THE VIP PROGRAM is for advanced dancers that wants to be introduced to the industry and actually meet, audition and work with working choreographers and bookers.

The actual weekly classes preps you for working professional by being in fast pace classes, with loads of choreography on high level.

Working on performance and technique as well as professional work related situations.

The VIP program incl. a creative 4 hour session with a working creative director, mock auditions with working choreographers, scout class for UK agency in London, performance at UPFRONT london + showcase and feedback for working booker.

Teachers: Lukas McFarlane, Ricky Jinks, NatBat, King O holi, Didde Mie, Simon Glæsel, Alex Chambers, Brian Friedman, Malou Linders, Zacc Milne…

NICHE is the class for Advanced & professional heels dancers, that wish to own the style and perfect their performance level.
With NICHE you get a safe environment to practice your skills and perfect your personal way of being a full SHOW full performance dancer in HEELS:
The class also includes video production, showcase at UPFRONT London, Photoshoot and multiple camera classes. This sunday evening class is when you dress up, show up and get ready to fire up.

Didde Mie, Mille Lund, Christin Olesen, Andye J, Malou Linders, Sharon June, Robyn Laude, Belen and many more.