Welcome new students

Upon arrival

Upon your arrival, use your time to get settled and ready for your training. As soon as we start all training will be intense. 

The first day will be on the 28th of August. This day will be an introduction day to the program, your teachers, the studio and of course your fellow students that you will train, travel and spend time with for 10 months.

Theater productions

The biggest show will be your graduation show, that will end the year. 

The graduation show will be in Copenhagen, where you families and friends can come and see what you have learned throughout the year and see you getting your diploma. 



You have the option to go on four dance travels throughout the year. If you regret not signing up, you can ask the staff whats the due date is for each travel. 

Dublin | Take Flight Intensive camp: 

Los Angeles | 10 days of intense training: 

London | Move it competition:

Sweden | Agency meet-up: 

Breaks throughout the year

Our students follow a Danish school year. 

Autumn break: 17.10.23 – 21.10.23

Christmas break: 15.10.23 – 05.01.24

Winter break: 13.02.24 – 17.02.24

Spring break: 03.04.24 – 10.04.24

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